How do you see streaming services changing the TV world over the next year? 10 years? We're giving Reddit Gold to great responses!

Over the next year to 10 years I see streaming changing and evolving in the following ways: * a.) Less geographical barriers (i.e. no restrictions on what commercials and content are aired where (i.e. super bowl commercials that can't be seen outside of the US, programming available only on US Netflix but not in Canada or Europe, more international content, etc.) * b.) An increase in viewer interaction and engagement. Ideally it would be great to develop ways where the viewer has the ability to "choose their own adventure" to complete the story line of a series or show. By connecting with the viewers through through social platforms and tools, the networks and production teams will be able to establish a deeper relationship with the viewer, plus their television experience will become more interactive, customized, interesting, and exciting.... not to mention eliminate spoiler alerts! * c.) Social dynamics and experiences will create more event-based viewing. With movie theaters coming out with ways to watch a film and not only see it, but smell it through a series of scents to heighten the reality of the experience, I would love to think that television could could come out with something similar down the road. * d.) Innovation in program discovery - far more personalized and accurate.

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