Cheesing is so prominent because Destiny forces players to inform themselves of mechanics and lore online.

The title is "Cheesing is so prominent because Destiny forces players to inform themselves of mechanics and lore online."

and then it says:

I think the lesson here is, if you want players to follow a specific path you need to show them that path and the majority will passively obey but if you offer no direction then players will create their own that won't adhere to expectation.

Even if Bungie explained all those things perfectly in game people would STILL cheese content. People aren't cheesing content because they weren't told how to do or about certain things. They cheese because the game is about loot.

Would you still be playing the game if there were no loot drops? If it was just like a halo or cod where you shot things with weapons you picked up from a set list?

By forcing players to go to the internet to understand simple game play concepts, manage clans or even view reputation while in game they have created a player base that is ultra informed.

Bungie didn't force this. The type of game it is did. This is a game about acquiring loot and making your character better. Every mmo from Everquest to WoW had ultra informed communities. Games like Diablo have ultra informed communities. I remember playing D3 and there were "cheese" builds and locations to maximize legendary loot drops (equivalent to Destiny exotics in rarity).

I have never even googled the majority of the games I play, is there a Last of Us subreddit?

Because that game is very linear in comparison to Destiny. You play the story and you're done. Wanna go do something else? Either make your own fun and dick around or play online where you pick from a list of items everyone else has access to. There's no need for you to look up that subreddit or search for anything about it because once the story is done, so are you.

You need to compare Destiny to some other kind of game where you acquire items and build a permanent character.

Again, I don't see how cheesing has anything to do with Bungie failing to tell their player base about certain game mechanics. If the only reason you came to this subreddit is because you couldn't figure out how to do X or Y then that's great but I 100% guarantee that you would still find posts on how to cheese content. It's the nature of the type of game Destiny is. Humans are going to find a way to make things easier/faster if they want something badly enough.

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