Chip Kelly Rumors (Sunday)

Fuchs going to NH is the most useful piece of info. It tells us:

  1. The deal has not been "done" or "basically done" for days like many have been reporting on paysites. You don't send Fuchs if the deal is done or if we're just quibbling about numbers or who the 10th assistant will be.

  2. The negotiations and mutual interest are serious. We have likely put an offer on the table before today that Kelly has turned down or not yet accepted.

  3. Fuchs was sent to sell Kelly on a deal. That supports the rumors that the sticking points in negotiation relate to the UF administration. Fuchs is the top man on the totem pole and can address any doubt about commitment.

What remains to be seen is: what happened in NH? Maybe we signed a deal. Maybe Kelly said he is good in principle but wants to sleep on it and chat with his agents. Or maybe he said he wants to hear UCLA out first.

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