Christianity is a religion of brutality.

you seem to believe such strain or duress is a necessary characteristic of existence in the universe.

It precisely is. In physics, it's called gravity, the underlying cause of friction and what holds things together. You start off with an opposing force and build upon it. Ironically enough, objects experience internal mechanical stress via body forces such as gravity.

People are interested in training for war because it is provisionally useful. That is not saying that these things are desirable in themselves.

Yes, but I'm not denying that. I was showing that evil, pain and suffering have a very real purpose in life, in response to your anti-lion, anti-fighting, etc stance.

There are two things going on here. First, you're confirming my statement that your theory doesn't give you an ability to assign attributes such as "good, "evil," "appropriate," and "inappopriate." But you clearly believe things such as Mortal Kombat are desirable, and that there is a "time for everything,"--i.e. some things are appropriate under given circumstances. Thus, you are making recourse to valuations in the universe that are barred by your own theory. On the basis of your ontology, you can merely describe the facts of the pre-determined cosmic drama that you experience as they play out.

Yet again, I made it quite clear that my rejection of ethics holds within the context of omniscience. Outside that context;

By submission to social constructs and culture, can we now talk about what's anthropomorphically beneficial based on the given axioms.

Whether or not I believe in the meaningfulness of "good" and "evil" is irrelevant for all practical purposes.

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