Cinema seats should have headphone jack sockets so you can bring your own headphones and not listen to the dick talking throughout the whole of Foxcatcher.... Dick.

I'll humor you:

Do you complain in a loud restaurant that you pay more for a meal than another restaurant, and its loud and you can barely hear your date?

No because Canada's restaurants are not controlled by some sort of Communist Pricing Board. I also know not to go to a sports bar if I want a fine dining experience.

Do you get pissed when you pay taxes for roads that get pot holes and still have traffic?

No. I'm aware that I live in one of the most congested cities, as far as traffic goes, in all of North America. I'm damn grateful I can drive down 20 smooth roads for every road that has a pothole. Can't say the same for many other countries/areas.

Do you get pissed at every little minute thing that at most, will inconvenience you for a whole freaking two minutes while they reply to a text?

No but the person who took their phone out made a voluntary decision to do so. Potholes, traffic and restaurant prices are not in my direct control I can only avoid them. Taking my phone out of my pocket is damn sure in my control and I can also avoid it.

I hate that I have to pay a shit tonne more car insurance than females because I have a dick, yet have never had an accident.

Again this is something that is not in your direct control. Millions of people, accidents, and statistics factor into this. You taking your phone out of your god damn pocket has no fucking comparison what so ever to insurance prices.

Chill out, live a little, or let a light in a dark room distract you so much that it ruins the other 1h50min of the movie, and well into the rest of your life.

Or you could fuck off, put your god damn phone away and enjoy the movie that again, you and numerous movie goers have PAID MONEY to see. But then again I accept the facts of life and that includes the retards who pull their phones out in theatres, distract a bunch of people and then try to convince said people they are the problem.

I'll remember your sage advice this the next time someone gets angry at me for stopping in the middle of traffic to text my insurance company telling them its fucking bullshit that Don Figarello's Italian Dining charged me more for a pizza that Pizza Hut.

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