Teen girls report less sexual victimization after virtual reality assertiveness training - "Study participants in the “My Voice, My Choice” program practiced saying 'no' to unwanted sexual advances in an immersive virtual environment"

Well I must be a serial rapist then, because I've lived with women for years, nearly been married, dated quite a bit, etc.

BUT to this day I've never asked a girl "hey can I shove my cock in your pussy?"... I just can't imagine for a minute that would arouse any woman on earth. I also kind of notice that in no erotic literature, rom com movies, etc. have I have ever heard seen this scenario played out.

Which kinda leads me to believe either the writers are missing something major about what women want sexually... or maybe that's so unsexy it would turn vaginas into sand.

Laying the sandy unsexable vaginas aside for a moment... your belief that the burden should be on the penis haver is just mind blowing to me. Look ideally both parties would discuss their sexual future over coffee, they'd pull out a consent form, head to a notary, wait 3 days for a cooling off period, and then proceed safely... which would work great if we lived in a world full of perfect beings; sadly we do not.

I don't have a vagina but I do have a bung hole... let's say through some cruel twist of fate I'm wrongfully incarcerated with Bubba Da Booty Boss... do I just clench my teeth and hope that one day he ask me if I want to be violently ass raped that night? No fucking way. I fight back, I say no, I scream for help... If I just shrug my shoulders and wink at him... shit dude, maybe he should still not be doing that but I can't control him; I CAN CONTROL ME.

That's an idea you're somehow missing here. Society will never be filled with selfless yoga gurus who look out for each other. There will always be good people and bad people... so how do we raise kids to survive in a society like that?

Uh, maybe we teach them who to be around and what to do if they accidentally find themselves in a spot they don't want to be in.

I'm 6'5" x 225 lbs... I study krav maga not because I'm a serial killer or I'm out to wreck people, I just study it because I've been in really bad scenarios I didn't intend on ending up in and god forbid I ever end up in a similar scenario I'd like to have the best possible chance at walking away unharmed.

Yes it would be better if there were no bad guys & nobody ever robbed anybody, etc... but it's also really stupid for that to be your go to solution for improving the earth. I mean it makes me really wonder if you've met other humans before? Because assuming you weren't raised in total isolation from the rest of our species your statement is really poorly thought through.

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