Classy Civilisation 5 review.

If you think that's bad wait until you play "find the bug in the code". Simply put here is the list of actions you get.
* 1:00 pm - someone reports the bug
* 1:05 pm - you read the bug report and test on your machine.
* 1:10 pm - you give up on replicating the bug on your machine.
* 1:15 pm - you arrive at the reporters desk and they aren't there.
* 1:20 pm - the reporter arrives at their desk and starts to show you the bug. You now know the method to actually discover the bug and you return to your desk.
* 1:30 pm - You successfully replicate the bug on your machine and start adding in breakpoints into visual studio and checking memory locations to see what's happening.
* 1:40 pm - You start pushing code up, finding more bugs the interns wrote but not the one that makes you jump when you hit a wall.
* 1:50 pm - You are pulling your hair out. You have fixed at least 10 bugs by now but none of them even relevant to the bug you are trying to fix.
* 2:00 pm - Stand up meeting in which you have to stand there and pretend you are interested in what other developers are actually doing.
* 3:00 pm - Finally the artists shut up and you are back at your desk.
* 3:01 pm - You accidently hit rebuild all on visual studio * 4:01 pm - Visual studio finishes compiling. Back to looking for the bug in the code via breakpoints. You claw your way through step by step at the code.
*4:59 pm - Breaking through the bits. You start to feel it. You almost have it. You are making connections in your mind about how the jump and the wall collision are tied and you are JUST. ABOUT. TO. SOLVE. IT!
* 5:00 pm - Intern Jacob pokes you and asks: "So I put code in the constructor and every time I copy the object over to a new pointer it doesn't run. Why?"
* 5:30 pm - You have just cleaned up the mess that was Jacob who now rests snugly in the dumpster where the smokers congregate. Surely the smokey smell will hide Jacob's rotting flesh.
* 5:40 pm - You look over your findings and have no clue what you were thinking before and start over.
* 6:40 pm - You found it! You implemented the fix. The collision was for some reason pushing the character off the ground and launching him into a jump! So SIMPLE NOW! * 6:50 pm - You pull down the latest changes from source control and start testing one last time... Jacob's last commit was changing the collision setup so it simply masks this bug with "if (touchingCollision) ignoreJump();" He's already closed the bug on the reporting front end and taken the credit for the fix.
* 7:00 pm - You piss in a dumpster and go home.

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