Why do clinicians make services in accessible?

What is happening here? I said that I'm not happy about the way society is. Who would be? I don't feel like I'm saying anything controversial? I've been extremely open to your feedback and am trying to have a constructive conversation with you. You know nothing about my life or what I even do in my life. I also work in community mental health and have tens of thousands of dollars in loans both from graduate and undergrad, and work 20 hours a week in addition to my practicum, and fulltime program so I can afford to survive and pay for my medical expenses. I have a history of severe mental illness in my family and for all intents and purposes grew up in a single parent home.

I don't have a savior complex, but it seems you are very intent on assuming that about me. I was simply making this post to encourage discussions about how we can integrate social justice into the work we do as psychologists. If you feel that I didn't achieve that, that's okay and I'm willing to take that in.

The truth is I don't need to lay any of that out for you, but I will ask that you stop calling me names when you know very little about my life (or even my identity)...

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