CMV: The best actors tend to be obscure actors

I sort of agree but also sort of disagree with you.

I get your point on how actors that are selective are usually good at those roles, but that’s probably because they only took them because they know they will be good in that specific role. Elizabeth Moss is a great example of this, three of the best things she’s been in imo she’s played a abused woman who get back at the person that abused her. But then those things I’m talking about (Handmaids tale) (Invisible Man) and (The Shining girls) were/are all pretty big. And I wouldn’t call her obscure either, although she hasn’t been in anything as big as the people you gave as examples.

Also though, the actors you gave as examples have all been in massive stuff and are not hard to find at all. A better example imo would be someone like Tatiana Maslany who played like 50 characters in Orphan Black and honestly it didn’t even feel like the same actor. she hadn’t been in anything else that was very big, But then she went and landed herself a massive role as marvels She Hulk. So I guess that shows that if an actor is that talented they won’t stay obscure for very long.

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