My Indie Game Publishing Company [Dunkey]

I do agree to an extent.

From the site:

We believe quality & originality should be supported— Bigmode is a unique & powerful way for great indie games to stand out in a crowded space, and our publishing contracts are designed to be the most developer-friendly possible!

My emphasis. To me that reads like he'll be dedicating video(s) to you, because, I mean, what the hell else would it be? Videos are his entire platform.

We can get involved at any stage from pitch to near-completion. We can also assist with any standard publishing needs you may have:


Development support

PR & community management

QA, porting & localization


This reads so odd, suggesting these are additions that you may or may not need. Is he outsourcing this? Does he have employees? Is Leah throwing your game's script into google translate?

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