Poopernoodle tears up as she shares her experience with SA and how she felt isolated because ppl were "concerned" about sharing a room with her at Twitchcon 2019 (keep watching for full context)

And the overall reaction on LSF has been that Miz needs to be cancelled (I know there is no such thing as “cancelled”), which if it would make the victims feel better, I’m sure everybody would agree. Why was/is this sub so mad when Andrew Tate/Fresh & Fit/manosphere scum get deplatformed? Those people pretty much teach anyone that will listen that sexually harassing/exploiting women should be part of your personality! This sub is full of so many people that are only looking at all of this as entertainment, and virtue signaling while they normally are so against it. The whole fucking culture needs to change, yes, victims should be supported, but people that grift by the means of spewing toxic shit should be scourged from the platform, in the hopes of not creating future assaulters, and victims. In for a penny, be in for a fucking pound!

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