CMV: Elon Musk is an asshole for naming his kid X Æ A-XII Musk

They're called a nanny, not a babysitter.

It really depends on the community. Where I grew up most of the parents retired early so the kids were practically coddled to death with parents with too much free time on their hands. It was pretty common for a parent to buy their kid for their 16th a band new BMW convertible or porche, but it was also common for parents to try to find excuses to give their kids money. If you want $100 just ask offer to take out the trash.

The school had a really strict zero strike policy. That is, if you did something a teacher did not like you could and would be expelled without any warning. This created a bully culture but not from the students. I had a teacher for example that required a kid to bring him doughnuts and he had a rotating list. His policy was if you didn't bring doughnuts on your assigned day you would get a 0% in the class. No if and or buts. If parents would complain he would say the child was making up the story. This was the most blatant, but other teachers were a lot more subtle and harmful. Students, on the other hand, did not bully. Not even once.

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