CMV: The Palestinian population should be relocated to the surrounding countries.

Really? Like what, exactly? These "big ideological differences" apparently aren't big enough

I was conceding your point in that statement. You're saying that Israel's neighbors don't have big disagreements with it?

A person from Palestine doesn't need the permission of Israel to leave? They could just leave.

As someone else informed me, the issue is that the neighboring countries don't allow the Palestinians to exit. My understanding is that they're trapped.

Simply put: the Palestinians feel they were chosen by God to live there, that's there city.

Here's my understanding.

The Jewish people believe the land was given to them by god. They believe they are divinely called to live upon the land.

Muslims believe the region is holy and that there are multiple sacred sites there. But, there isn't the same imperative upon them to live there.

there are Palestinian refugees in many countries of the world. They're regularly abused and are treated as subhuman

Can you elaborate on how they are abused? Is their treatment equal to the treatment of those who live in Palestine?

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