Coach K with win 1,000!

Holy shit, the whine is strong with this one.

If your administration made promises it couldn't keep, that isn't Duke's fault. Sorry. If there's ice on the roads, especially in North Carolina, guess what? Things get cancelled. Do you really think that it's acceptable for your administration to say "the entire student body can come" when there was the threat of ice on the roads all day long? It is extremely common practice with sporting events all over the country to wait and see until a few hours before tip-off/faceoff/kickoff/whatever to see how local weather conditions actually are before deciding whether to play. And you honestly think we were being unreasonable? I take it you're from North Carolina? I am too (not from New Jersey - shocker, right?), and you know just as well as I do that forecasts around here - even regarding what the weather is going to do later in the same day - are freqeuently wrong, ESPECIALLY when it comes to winter weather. Tell me something, if we were REALLY scared to play y'all, why didn't we just cancel the game first thing in the morning or even the day before?

Of course, so many people that make up your crowd think that everything bad in the world can ultimately be traced back to Duke, so what do you do when your administration makes a promise it had no business making? Blame it on us! Sure, why not? If the geniuses running the show at UNC let you down, that's not our fucking problem.

Not every student would have gotten to go to the game anyway if not for the weather. It's not like all the Heels fans got screwed out of ticket money or something because the game was postponed. Plus, all thos people that camped in the snow? They were at the game the following week (or the one after, I can't remember). And when we did make our way over to Chapel Hill, you guys won the game pretty handily. But still, you people find ways to bitch and moan.

Sorry you can't get everything you want all the time. And do you really think we were scared to play in front of more students? It's always loud and electric when we play you people in Chapel Hill. Do you think we're not used to hostile crowds? We're fucking Duke. Everyone is amped up to play us. Do you think K thought it was worth it to postpone the game because he was "scared" when postponing meant we had to play AGAIN against #1 ranked Syracuse less than 48 hours later? Get real. If you really believe that, I guess there are plenty of people at Inside Carolina that will back you up. Some of them might even have the inside scoop on Coach K's secret weather machine that caused the snowstorm in the first place!

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