The collapse of capitalism and (possibly) industrial society.

Honestly, I'm preparing in a small way. Just in case. It doubles as an actual positive lifestyle change.

I plan to repurpose a van for the purpose of living in, in the present. When I've got a reliable vehicle and I've established mechanical skills to maintain it, I plan to focus on teaching myself how to grow food properly. I've already given up my addiction to many luxuries, the ones I have I could mostly do without. Perhaps I'll achieve some success before then as a writer, and will have stashed away potential value in crytpcurrency if the concept is still viable and we've established self-sustaining Internet infustructure by then.

Those are just dreams, but I'm making progress in cutting down consumption and becoming self sustaining.

This is the only course of action. To learn to provide for yourself using nature and whatever basic tools may remain, and to teach others to do the same.

Its not going to happen like a 'collaose' though. People will be forced to learn before it really happens, and industry fails and the stores close down. People will have plenty of time, living in poverty as automation progressively eliminates the need to pay anyone for any form of work.

Then again, automation could suspend an industrial collapse even past the point where the middle class is driven entirely down into poverty levels. The economy would repurpose for essential needs like food and the sort, automation would take hold but people would still be expected to pay for it. It would prop the economy up on stills for at least a few decades longer.

There are so many ways this could be entirely too close or entirely too far off. We can't predict the future, not with all of the ever changing variables. 2030 might be a pipe dream, we might be fucked in 2020. Think of all the terrible shit that's happened to the economy in the last 6-8 years alone.

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