Comepress - I built a tool to automatically convert all the PNG/JPG files in your web project into Next-Gen WebP format. Reduce image bundle size by 80% with Comepress, faster site loading for users and smaller project size for devs!

I'm not sure what your point is? What I get from your comment is that my project is pointless and there's no need for it, you suggest scenarios that go against what my tool is made for.

Why even bother, really? Most tools aren't needed by most people, everything can be done from the commandline but that doesn't mean we should go back to TTYs. If someone finds my project useful, they'll use it. If you don't find it useful then do not tell me all the different scenarios where it's not useful, because it's not made for you.

No we do not live in an ideal world. No my tool is not perfect, No I will not get rid of the backup option and no, I do not believe people using PNGs for lossless reasons would use this tool but thanks for the discussion anyway.

I'll keep working on this till I reach more people and for now, I've deleted my post.

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