A comment on an SSEP 1997 album video. Couldn’t have said it better.

how is he versatile? besides flow and delivery? he’s talking shit about new gen of rappers since chloraseptic remix.

he’s keep rapping about love/hate relationship about some unknown female since spend some time and shit.

he didn’t put out any good content. you can enjoy those projects which i respect but i don’t know.

eminem is in a tunnel vision. that’s why he’s doing those sequals.

but where’s the concept and the content though? his albums are all over the place. even kamikaze which it was better than recovery, revival and mmlp2 but it was all over the place too. like what’s up with those love songs. there is like three love songs. venom shouldn’t be on that album. stepping stone shouldn’t be on that album.

what about those mixings and masterings. he got money. why is he working with alex da kid? he doesn’t have a song with preemo, madlib or q-tip. he doesn’t have a song with nas. he’s working with skyler gray or x ambassadors. beats were also trash. kamikaze has good production beside venom and stepping stone but none of those beats isn’t experimental or groundbreaking.

i’ve just heard the new danny brown album and it was amazing. kendrick has good content and good production. damn was too catchy and it was too poppy but it had a great concept.

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