Conte: "‘Whether it is two back, three back or four back, I must find the right solution for this team and I work a lot to do this.’"

thats what preseason is for you but you were waisting our time with 4-4-2 hoofball and banking on us spending 70m euros for fucking Morata. We are close to finding our best team at last providing he immediately culls the shit: Ivanovic, Willian, Cahill(soon), Matic, Azpilicueta(sorry). The problem isnt 4 at the back, we look even more directionless playing hoofball. The problem is the technical and tactical limitations of at least 4 players who are starting for us (nearly half the team) and that cant be solved until we get better players but right now hes not even starting our best players. Hes starting the biggest names and experience when they've stunk up the place over and over again. We'll see how different he is to Mourinho but Im sick of seeing blame going to players when the worst performers are the ones we KNOW arent toxic snakes. Do you really think the likes Cahill is deliberately playing badly, or Ivanovic? They are just shit and have no place here and while there are alternatives (at least for Ivanovic, Azpi and Willian and Matic) blame goes on Conte for starting them - stop this shite about the board or the players "trying to get another manager sacked". When he plays our best team and if we're still losing then blame someone else. At the moment, just like last season, EVERYONE shares part of the blame

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