[Contest] Tell me your funniest childhood misbehaving story

Ok so this is a little more in the serious vein, but it's a good one.

When I was in sixth grade, my best friend and I started experimenting with cigarettes and beer. We went to a really small school in a really small town, and I guess part of the appeal was that it would be help us make more friends. (It totally worked, btw.) I was a total goody two shoes at heart, but before I knew it we were hanging out with the "bad" girls.

So one day, I go to leave class at the end of the day, and there's my friend and like six other girls, standing there blocking my path, looking all serious. They looked like a bunch of people ready to kick my ass, but that wasn't the case. But you can imagine the scene. Anyway, they grabbed my arm and half-dragged me to the back of the building.

They pointed to the crawl space underneath the building, and explained that they had stashed an open beer earlier that day. They wanted me to get it, because I was super tiny. I know, ewwwww, and also, how the f did they stash it in the first place if I was supposedly the only one who could get it? So many questions.

So, I did it. And as I emerged from the crawl space with beer in hand, the principal popped out of the goddamn shadows like some cartoon villain, and he was all HOLD IT RIGHT THERE GIRLS. So we were busted. But then, my best friend blurted out "We were going to turn it in to you!!!" So that was our story.

They let the "bad girls" go home (because they suck, that's why) and apparently they were only "concerned" about me and my best friend, because we were "good girls." They interrogated us in separate rooms, like in the movies. Eventually they called our parents. My dad was a paralegal. He showed up with briefcases and shit, and we went home. That was the end of it.

My parents were freaking the fuck out. They made me swear like a million times that I was telling the truth. They even sent my brother in to say ..."just between you and me..." But it didn't work. This story is going to my fucking grave. (And Reddit. My grave and Reddit.)

Anyhow I swore off of of being bad forevermore, and that's my story.

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