Countries that meet the requirements of the 2016 Paris Agreement

Change my life how, exactly? I vote greens, don't own a car, don't eat meat, haven't taken a plane in years, commute and go on vacation by bike and train, and most of my furniture is from second hand stores. The steel factory a few kilometers away emits more than my effective yearly carbon footprint in less than three seconds.

Every time I read we're all to blame I just feel a mix of hopelessness and frustration, because that's so obviously bullshit. The best thing I can do for the climate is stage a terrorist attack on that steel production facility. If their production gets interrupted for 2 minutes, I'll have prevented more emissions that I can ever hope to produce in my lifetime. But if terrorism is the only reasonable way I could be less to blame for this whole mess, maybe there wasn't actually any real blame in the first place.

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