This couple thought they adopted a mini-pig, but it grew up into 670 pounds of cuteness. They decided to dedicate their lives to opening an animal sanctuary, and have raised $440,225 to get started!

Sorry for replying late, but here's my experience with pigs as pets. My guy was weird from birth - when I went to get the piglet I had reserved, his siblings were running up to me and being super cute, and then there was mine, in the corner hiding from everyone and screaming when people went near him, so my situation was different from the start and may not perfectly reflect every pig owner's situation.

He was potty trained. He loved cuddling and he was an amazing animal as long as he was warm and has a belly full of food, but he would wake up as early as 4 AM because he wanted to go downstairs. Sleeping-in was impossible, and that would have been fine if he were well-behaved in other areas, but for a good portion of the time he couldn't even be touched without letting out groans of discontentment. He loved cuddling with me on his own terms, but from the day I got him he would scream bloody murder when picked up and sometimes just when he was approached. He was generally a loner and would sometimes snap at you when you tried to pick him up. He loved belly scratches and affection, but like I said, only on his terms. And don't even get me started on baths - he would absolutely scream, go potty in the tub, etc - it was impossible to bathe him without getting dirty bath water and your own blood all over you. He would keep trying to jump out so you'd effectively be holding him in the tub with one hand and scrubbing him with the other.

Towards the end of his stay it got really bad. He, completely out of nowhere, simply stopped being potty trained. Accidents everywhere for no reason. At some point I moved him to a crate downstairs at night instead of sleeping in my bed with me, because he would just wake up the second he heard a sound and start yelling to be let downstairs. Then his crate was moved to another room because I had guests staying...he literally slung shit everywhere. All over the bottom of his crate, all over the room around his crate...they say that pigs are sensitive to change, but holy hell, it was an enormous mess to clean every single day while they were staying. And even when he was moved back, there was always just a pile of piss in his bed and he'd be sleeping in his clean litter box.

So it was chaotic and he was very, very high maintenance. Even when he was potty trained there were litter boxes to be scrubbed daily since pig urine smells pretty terribly, and baths to be had every few weeks that made me wonder if I really was in hell. That being said, rehoming him was very sad. He would cuddle with myself and my dogs, and he was so insanely expressive - he had a different grunt for every emotion and you always knew what the guy was thinking. He was also incredibly smart - he'd rip off vent covers to get closer to the heat and even figured out how to open cabinets and his sealed good bin. I love the little bastard, but unless you're ready to abandon all of your friends and your job for the sake of cleaning up after and generally looking after a pig, I wouldn't recommend this. My pig was very loved and had a happy life with me, but training him proved to be very difficult and it was eventually just way too much.

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