Couples with a very significant achievement gap, be it academic, professional, financial, intellectual, or any other you can think of that may fit, how do you live with each other without feeling like two aliens?

I have a bit of a different experience then most of the top posts when it comes to this issue.

My partner and I have had very different lives. My parents actively tried to foster a love and desire for education within the family. I was encouraged to read and explore my interests in technology and literature throughout all of my developing years which lead to a career in software development and several degrees.

My partner grew up in abusive and dysfunctional household, suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He graduated highschool at 20 and has been struggling to get by ever since.

He's 23 now and currently living with me while I pursue my masters degree and work as a programmer/IT for a local business.

I like getting high and waxing philosophical about the potential for a VR utopia and he likes reading Goosebumps and watching Gaming youtubers.

It's hard sometimes to relate with him, but I love him and we've been together for 10 years so we have history that we can call upon. I try to keep an open mind about his interests and get him to show me things I've never seen before, but he just can't keep up with my interests and gets easily frustrated.

Still we're going strong and we're both help each other achieve our dreams.

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