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I'm sure you don't "care", but that's because you're in a position awarded to you by the socialization of society that allows you to be the benefactor of less systemic discrimination. Another adaptable aspect of modern racism is what I posted in parantheses, the argument that your individual capacity is what made you who you are. Believing you are free from the prejudice and socialization we recieve about how to treat others is a priviledge that many can't say they have, because they are racialized. I'm a white dude. I've never been called the n-word by a stranger. I've never had my resumé tossed into the trash because of my names. Society has given me the capacity to avoid those detractors, so I'm flourishing. But I'm not going to sit around and pretend that when I see someone cross the street because they see a black person approaching and don't do the same for me, that that's because I'm a swell guy and that black person isn't. This is how we are hard-wired, and acknowledging it instead of dismissing it is how we begin to work on it. You realize that by using the tropes of colorblindness and ignoring your socialization, you're proving me right that this is a pattern we engage in, right? I literally predicted you making this personal and you still couldn't think about why you do that.

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