Credit One Makes You Pay For A CLI?!?

Umm you’ve also got people in here who have 600 or lower FICOs asking about their first credit card. What kind of fancy rewards card do you think they’re going to qualify for? If people would learn to fundamentally read….. where in my post did I say that Credit One has a great rewards program? I simply said that for me the Credit One card I had (which was the only card I could get coming out of bankruptcy) …. I broke even on it for the year. It didn’t cost me anything to have it. That card helped me get much better cards shortly afterward. It seems you don’t understand your audience. Not everyone qualifies for Capital One or Discover. Then what? Maybe you should have to have a minimum FICO in order to be in here talking about fancy rewards cards. A newbie isn’t going to qualify- THAT was my point. NOT that Credit One has the best rewards cards!

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