What advice would you give your 27 year old self?

2 items. Most important tell your dad to get checked out by the doctor. That weird moment in the car where he forgot how to get home or that random growth in his neck may have some deeper reason to I than just a random growth. Maybe they'll catch the cancer earlier and hell have a better fighting chance. Spend more time with your amazing loving dad.He won't be on this earth much longer. Savor every moment. Second try again to figure out a health care plan so you can go to medical school instead of grad school. Look into the possibility of other countries. (Got a degree in grad school but really wanted to go to medical school am on some maintenance meds. Obama care didn't exist at the time so ended up going to a grad school program meant for working adults instead). This is one consequence of a 1st world country not having socialized health care. Missed opportunties.

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