If this was her I would say no we messed this up together for we both made mistakes. You never had to repair anything. What we had to do was change our bad habits that we both admitted to that needed doing? I did anyway. And since this time apart I have done this & am better for it. Interested.....! She was my hearts desire. No one should change anyone. We can guide, say how we feel & say to them that it upsets us....If that person loves them they will take heed & make the necessary permanent changes for themselves firstly & to show that their actions & words are in sync. To say I did this because it needed to happen. Thank you for being patient with me through this rough time. I would be so hurt if she felt like you for there's nothing else in this world that I want. I've had it all, materialistically speaking. Lost it all & started again. Couldn't care less. Life for me is family, friends & happiness & sharing a passionate equal life with the Love of your life. Did you speak to them about how you feel "played around on?" Many of us don't call on time for sometimes there's a plausible reason for it. When it happens repeatedly different story. I have many platonic female friends who I've caught back up with since separated...they are my friends & I always said to her come along with me so you can see for yourself & if you don't like them, then I will stop seeing them because your more important to me. Many people won't do that & get upset yet if a partner only asks that of a single or very few friends why not. I have plenty of friends. We both took things for granted. I wonder......? I've never been so committed in my life & though my life goes on I hope.

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