Daily Discussion Thread 05/25/2019

-First notable hit “M’s count different when baby divides the pie” is a pretty stinging line to start with, and has multiple meanings. Making fun of drake getting fucked over by Birdman and whatnot.

It's a good bar. Nothing more to it.

Comes at his dad, makes fun of his goofy ass suits and basically calls him a clown

This is like a primary school beef.

Comes at his mom, says she been single and lonely while drake is out balling

Drake has championed this in the past.. next.

Makes fun of his racial insecurities

He doesn't really have any racial insecurities. Any time he talks about his skin colour on tracks, it's typically to take the piss out of the losers who claim he's not black enough. He doesn't give a fuck since he's black, and everyone knows it.

The reveal that it’s with a porn star

Mixed in with the baby.

Calls his baby mama dirty

Same thing as the last one.

Calling him out for deflecting the beef to Kanye

He didn't deflect it though; there were genuine problems between the two.

And then the nasty OVO 40 line at the end.

Again, Drake has talked about this numerous times in the past.

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