Daily FNAF 3 Megathread #5

Purple Guy is a murderer lets stop feeling sorry for him. He was not laughing in the SpringTrap suit he was obviously breathing heavily after being chased around the room(not laughing) and his breath triggered a lock causing his death.

Any theory where Purple Guy goes to jail and then comes back to the scene of the crime to deal with the animatronics is idiotic. He killed what half a dozen children? If he wasn't given the death penalty than at the very least he is serving a life sentence.

We also get "Bad Ending" and "The End". Yet we don't see the words "Good Ending" probably because there is more to the game. Usually Rpg's three separate endings and if Scott would purposefully put "Bad Ending" than there's got to be a good one.

There may be more behind the Purple Guy dismantling the animatronics.

Why does Purple Guy only freak out once the fifth child enters the room? What is the significance of that fifth child opposed to the four?

There is no real reason for SpringTrap to stop pursuing you at 6 Am. He does not have a schedule and is not technologically advanced. The reason why the first few sets of animatronics attacked you at night was because you were there after hours. You were an intruder and once 6 Am came they became docile because they thought you were a customer. SpringTrap has no reason to stop. I would like to remind everyone that not only did none of the animatronics attack adult customers(obviously there were many parents and such). The one exception the Bite of 1987 but we can all contribute that incident to the victim being careless and probably being too close for comfort with an animatronic. The animatronics would stuff you into a suit in the first two games.... How do you die in the third installment? SpringTrap would not be able to stuff you inside himself(he's already occupied) or any other animatronic(there are no other suits available). He doesn't even attempt to bite you.

We probably are putting too much behind the possession theories. I mean there is not that much to back it up besides terrible YouTube theory videos.

I've seen people post things about how they think the fnaf 3 mini games occur during the first game or second game but....In both other titles we see the animatronics through out the entire game. So unless these restaurants have multiple of each character than that isn't possible. Purple Guy destroyed each of the animatronics and there isn't one night where one of the animatronics is completely missing from FNAF 1 or FNAF 2.

There really is no reason to speculate about 11 deaths when there is no evidence of 11 murders. I'm sure if Scott could have found a way to bump up the death count than he would have. So unless it's written out or even said somewhere than it's still 6 deaths.

No reason to speculate on why BB's voice loured away SpringTrap....He sounds like a child...obviously the man who inhabits SpringTrap is a child molester and the voice of a kid would interest him.

The Kitchen isn't the secret room. The reason Purple Guy was able to kill the children was because he took them to a secret room where none of the staff really should have been in. If he took them to the kitchen than he would be shit out of luck. At your average kids restaurant there are probably a few dozen people in the kitchen constantly.

There's no reason to do a spin off to another restaurant because there weren't kids killed in every one of these establishments. We know of three incidents in this companies history. Frankly it would come off lazy for Scott to just say these sorts of events happened everywhere . Surely these events would be mentioned before now in the story.

The kids spirits being set free still doesn't make too much sense. Okay they were free'd possibly 20 years prior to FNAF 3(long enough for Purple Guy to decompose) . So obviously there is still something up if SpringTrap is still going around and haunting the poor souls who come into the restaurant.

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