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Hi. Id like some tips on ship purchase. Im out of PF, current home is Nanabozho. Upgraded to Cobra from sidewinder. I am slowly learning stuff, been doing mining for the most part learning to core mine and it’s been great fun and rewarding. Also learned to look for good prices to sell the stuff and actually get there to unload. But I don’t venture very far to sell, a few jumps here and there. Also learned to scan systems and surface and stuff. Turning in data. So it’s going good. Im thinking of getting a new ship, I have around 20m. I want to continue the core mining stuff as I think it’s a fun activity/mini game.

My long term goal would be to disappear out in the galaxy and roam around making the occasional trip back to the inhabited space now and then. I want to use this game as an “relaxer game” and have the ability to sink time in other activities when want that. But I’m definitively not there now.. that’s much later for me.

But for the time being, I think i actually need a “better” ship… cobra is great but I would like to stay out longer. Problem is that I want to have shields… so the cargo caps at 2x16 at the moment. So it’s been a lot of dropping limpets and then pick some up again and then drop them all.

Would the next logical step be the ASP explorer? I have no need to upgrade a bunch of modules as the asp seem to have 64t cargo stock. Maybe get another collector thingamabob and upgrade refinery. Maybe the asp also would let me do some other mission stuff. I could equip it for some light action also… idk… what you think? I kinda feel drawn to that ASP cockpit also… that alone would be a huge upgrade visually/immersive and stuff.

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