Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Gameplay Reveal Trailer

1) We own Horizions, this mean we have access to dlc horizon and the base game. Yes 2) they removed the season pass and changed it to singletime buy It was single time buy for Horizion, despite Horizion being a "season". As no other "seasons" was made aftet Horizion. 3) people who own odysee, can play it and the base game but NOT horizons No, Horizions is a part of base game now. And Odyssey is a DLS. So you must own base game (that include Horizion) in order to play Odyssey. Therefore people who own Odyssey can play the base game, Horizons and Odyssey 4) all friends would need any version of the game, in order to be able to play together base game. They can play together if they just own the game.

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