SRV explosion radius entirely too big

You call us dense but you don’t seem to understand the situation that you’re in. You may have completed steps one and two but upon raising the alarm during step 3: “leave the settlement” would mean mission failure.

Let’s say I hired you to cook a dinner for my wife. I want you to make a nice pie for dessert. I want you to put a special poison in that pie. I then want to you serve that pie to my wife. You make a wonderful and delicious dinner, serve us drinks and serenade us before bringing out the special pie. I excuse myself as I’m watching my diet but welcome my wife to have a slice. She eats the pie and then dies and instead of taking care of the body like an expert you decide to just bury her in the backyard. Surprise! The neighbor is looking through the window and saw you and called the police! You and I are hauled off to jail because you were incompetent.

Ya see what I mean?

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