How are you supposed to find anything in this stupid game?

>If your Type-9 has the turn radius of a truck, that's normal. It is a truck.

I don't fly Type 9 in the first place. I want to fly ships like the Python, Anaconda, FGS, etc. These are all horribly slow ships that take forever to turn around when that is probably the most important thing to be able to do in combat. In fact, most ships take forever to turn around except the very small ones. I'm currently flying an Alliance Challenger and it's a miserable experience trying to fight things in space because they just circle around me or spend all their time jousting at me and boosting out of the effective range of my lasers, and there's nothing I can do about it. Because their ships have better engineered thrusters, I need them too. It's not fun to be outmaneuvered by everything in the game, and it's especially not fun that the only way to stop that is to either exploit the game for free materials or embark on a disgustingly slow grind to get them the 'legitimate' way.

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