In 5 words or less, how would you describe each ship you've ever flown?

Sidewinder: Ok, nippy kinda like your first car. Not too afraid to dink it in the spaceport but you love it.

Imperial Eagle: Its fast, but built like a box of tissues! If overpenetration mechanics ever get added this would be the ship but till then its something to outrun people not fight them.

Cobra MK3: Unpopular opinion, its a big sidewinder. I was never a fan of this ship sold it as quickly as possible.

Keelback: This was my first mining ship, I quite liked it! Plenty of space in the back and made me dizzy when rolling around.

Type-7 Transporter: Space brick. Large pad but damn its surprisingly tight in the back when loaded, loading only makes it handle worse.

Fer-De-Lance: Like a big fighter, its pretty good with its huge hardpoint but its best suited for those with combat experience as its not exactly well built to take hits.

Python: My 2nd mining ship. with its complement of hardpoints and sizable cargo bay tis made me a fair bit of money! about 5x what I paid for it now.

Anaconda: This is an interesting one. Its an amazing multi roll ship. Sit in combat zones raking in the bonds, but then do a 40ly jump and collect engineering mats from the surface of a planet. (some modules need changing before you can do 40lys of course)

Type-9 Heavy: Fitted with the same Thrusters as the Asp. without any tuning. it flys like a space cow and handles like a lethargic snail. However, has the cargo space to store a small moon. Does not do the handling any good and nor the jump range. Think 20ish ly when 715t in the boot.

Asp Explorer: Not a bad ship. Fairly capable explorer with a good un-engineered jump range.

Orca: Surprisingly luxurious explorer ship. Doing 50ly a jump and a satisfying 'bong' when you hit the boost. Handles pretty good too for a luxo barge!

Vulture: I flown this once. The power plant broke and I've not tried to power it up since. It needs engineering before you can fly it with anything attached to it! Disappointed in this truth be told.

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