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My Oneplus 5T is the perfect phone. I would like something faster, newer, longer lasting and with 5G, but literally can't find anything I'd want to upgrade to.

Want: - Android, 5G, mid or high level performance, at least 8/128 GB storage so at least it wouldn't be a downgrade. - A square screen without damn freaking camera hole or notch. At the very least software which would reliably hide it among the statusbar etc. - At the bottom, also a square screen and a bit of a lip, so that I needn't drag my finger across the lower edge of the phone and case to access an onscreen home or back button. It feels uncomfortable and icky, compared to simply touching glass. Maybe some phones are more comfortable than others.

Would like: - Weight under 180 grams. - 3.5mm jack - Camera island not protruding hugely and being small and unobtrusive - A fingerprint reader at the back is no doubt a tall order, but I really like it about 5T.

Don't care about: - Camera quality, especially selfie camera (which would best not even exist) - Casing material, actually light plastic or alloy would be best. - The silent mode switch that Oneplus phones have

Closest so far seems to be the Sony lineup, if it wasn't for their weird narrow bodies, which would appear terrible to type on with the phone held vertically. Were they regular, normal sized phones, then I'd probably jump on it.

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