Google Power Abuse Prevention Act has been passed in Korean national assembly


The so-called Google Power Abuse Prevention Act (Amendment to the Telecommunications Business Act), which prevents Google from forcibly introducing InApp payments, was passed by the National Assembly's Science and ICT Committee on the 20th.

In addition, the Democratic Party of Korea voted alone on the bill and referred it to a plenary session scheduled for 2 p.m. amid the absence of public power at the meeting of the agenda coordination committee earlier in the day.

As many of the over-defense lawmakers are Democratic Party lawmakers, the bill is likely to easily cross the threshold of the plenary session. It will be reviewed by the Legislation and Judiciary Committee and presented to the plenary session. The ruling party is determined to pass the revision at the plenary session in July.

The Democratic Party of Korea, a member of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said in a telephone interview, "The opposition party, which is in charge of the subcommittee, did not hold the meeting, so we were forced to hand it over to the plenary session through the Agenda Coordination Committee."

The power of the people, who have been absent from the bill's review, is expected to be absent from the plenary session following the agenda coordination committee meeting.

"There are provisions in the bill that can usually cause friction," said an official with the power of the people in charge of over-defense. "I agree with the need for legislation, but we need to take enough time to discuss it.

In-app payment refers to a method that allows Google and Apple to pay for paid apps and contents only with their own internal payment system.

Google has decided to expand payment for in-app, which was applied only to game apps, to all apps and contents from October.

As the company intends to impose a 30% fee on all content payments such as games, music, and webtoons, industries have raised concerns that it will lead to higher content prices and burden for mobile content consumers.

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