Samsung has staggering 50 million smartphones in stock

I'm probably in the minority here but I think Samsung, Apple and many others need to get a grip with their pricing. A few new features, regardless of how groundbreaking they are, do not call for an absurd pricing model. I'm still on an older Samsung S model but I can't justify paying full price or the knockdown price 6 months post release, regardless of whatever my income level is. Does it really make sense to pay as much as a OLED TV for a device that can easily become damaged and doesn't provide much usefulness despite its expanded feature set vs a television? Feel free to vote me down but I'm only speaking the truth here. Given the economic turn down we're facing that'll last a while, few people regardless of their economic well being will pound on a sub-$1,000 phone or higher. Even if you consider getting an iPhone because of its longer shelf life vs a leading Android handset and resale value vs the latter.

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