Daily/Weekly Card Discussion Setup Thread

I've been playing playing mostly Dragoncraft, I don't consider myself a pro or anything so please do correct me if I'm wrong! here are my thoughts on a couple of cards:

Dragon Warrior: I think this is my favorite card in the game so far, the evo makes it a 4/5, deals 3 damage, run it into another minion and it'll take another card to remove. The 3-for-1 value you get in the early/mid game is insane.

Dark Dragoon Forte: I was fortunate enough to pack 2x of this in one of my rerolls and it's been excellent as a finisher so far. I imagine it becomes less powerful once people learn to save their spells/AOE to kill it, but still a decent card, at worst it's a 6 cost 5 dmg removal.

Shenlong: This card is amazing in the late game. You get to dig 2 cards deeper into your deck for more powerful minions/finishers and has good enough of a body to contest the board.

Dragon Oracle: I played Druid in Hearthstone, and this is basically a carbon copy of Wild Growth, with a slightly better effect in that it can cycle 3 turns earlier on turn 7. Great card, wish I could always have it early though!

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