So why is Dan saying that the crew wasn’t mad at Trisha on the discord but then Ethan tells her that?

The whole thing was Ian said that Sam was upset about it so that’s “the crew” that was mad bc the advice segment was her idea. Or Atleast that is what Trisha said. Ethan has a way of making things worse remember the Hila fight? He cuts things off in a way that hurts trishas feelings and although I am but defending Trisha for all of this. If you ever look back she’s usually really happy and bubbly and loving the crew or Hila but then Ethan says things in a way to hurt Trishas feelings.

Saying I think maybe we should take a break is better for ALL PARTIES. And not shoot the vlog. Don’t say “Ian doesn’t want to film bc Sam is upset”

Like ??!

Ethan did the same thing when Trisha asked “can we have Hila as a guest? I really love her and I think ppl on the Internet think that I hate her and I just want her on bc I actually love Hila”

Ethan “don’t talk about Hila she doesn’t want you to bring her up”

Like that hurts bruh lol

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