dear PC developers, I would happily wait 5, 10, 60, 100 minutes for my shaders to compile before the game starts if you gave me the option. I'm sick of the stutter!

As I have said in other comments, I am refraining from commenting on specific titles.

It’s difficult not because it’s an impossible setup but because of technical debt. If I’m working on an engine from the mid 00’s and it abstracts everything under a five layers of code, it’s not simple to “plug and play” a new system that compiles all the pipelines ahead of time and then selects the right one at runtime.

Newer engines have the advantage of no technical debt but no games company makes newer engines these days, just license an existing one. So there you have it, deal with technical debt, someone else’s engine that you can’t control and hope you’re artists and engineers are talented enough to reduce the number of shaders used, or that nvidia seems you important enough to release game ready drivers for.

As for precompiled shaders, there are loads of different circumstances that invalidate an individual precompiled shader set. Updating your computer, the game, graphics drivers, graphics settings, all of it affects your pipelines.

I can’t speak for any other studios, and I hesitate to say more about how we do things internally. Sorry.

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