My buddies recently bought into a couple of early-access games and it got me thinking

I love supporting games in Early Access and am not jaded about it for a couple reasons

  1. I do a lot of research. Development teams are always going to claim that they're going to keep updating and finish their game, but there are lots of subtle cues you can use to determine whether you think the developer is worth investing in.

You have to go read the developer's blog, see if they've published old projects, see what their day job is, if they interact with fans, if they're hard working committed people or just assholes with a dream.

  1. For this reason I'm usually not a first adopter. Now, to be fair, someone has to be. But my research usually involves seeing how the dev has responded to the first wave of feedback and updated their game accordingly. Trusting my gut on the way they treat feedback usually means I end up getting what I paid for.

  2. I have extra money to play with and treat Early Access games as investments. If you see EA as a scourge ruining gaming, well, you're better off just buying a game that you know is finished. But some of the best games ever started in EA, and their fans' investments are what got them to where they are today. If you understand these are investments, you're gonna understand every now and then you're going to take a loss, and that's natural and okay.

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