A NEW Era for WoW - Inside Blizzard HQ

You say "youtubers" but like I just said above, Preach has been a large figurehead of the WoW community. All he said was he was stepping away from the game for awhile. He never said "fuck blizzard boycott them forever im never playing WoW again". He took a step away from the game, he now sees Dragonflight and is interested in the game (as are many, a lot of people myself included view Dragonflight in a positive light currently and it seems to a step in the right direction for WoW as a whole. It feels like a back to basics expansion, cutting away a lot of the growing pains the game has had for AWHILE) and he is now returning and making content again.

Are people simply not allowed to do that in your eyes? Or at the very least, someone like Preach, who never said boycott, never said he's never touching WoW again, someone who simply said he's taking a break?

I get it, you're throwing YouTubers under one umbrella however I would argue Preach is quite the opposite of most of those YouTubers and not a good example to use at all for your argument.

Also I'm not whining, I'm just saying you're not posting a new take by saying "blizzard is bad". We get it. We got it the thousand other times it was parroted in every single thread created about Blizzard since the lawsuit started.

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