Apparently, TotalBiscuit's entire lifetime content might be under risk of deletion due to AI

Our legal system is convoluted enough that taking his content down may be required for her to go to court.

There is something called the duty to protect. Copyright holders have the duty to protect their work, or they may find themselves unable to win any court case for a copyright violation.

This is, for example, why Disney drops the hammer in every mom-and-pop shop that dares sell a handmade Mickey baby cap. If Disney doesn’t show that they are protecting their copyright, they could lose the ability to take cases to court when actual competitors violate their copyright.

If TB’s wife doesn’t have the financial resources to engage in a legal offensive, then this may be her only option. Though deleting all content would be a mistake. If the content no longer exists, and she’s the one who deleted it, then there’s nothing to go to court over.

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