Naughty Dog says Steam Deck support is at the bottom of the list while it tries to get The Last of Us working on PC

In terms of part 1 ending. Of course I'm not completely dismissing the premise. It's the point of the story, at first she is just cargo but by the end he would rather have her than a cure.

But in addition to what I was saying before, the fireflies basically kidnapped her and never gave her or him a choice.

The thing is, gotta imagine that Joel is her real father. Is it really morally right to take his daughter away from him, put her to death for the sake of experiments that may or may not lead to a cure. Neither Joel or Ellie is given a choice.

The fireflies are not completely justified and neither is Joel. But it's about the emotions of Joel and his change in character, his bond with Ellie.

And in terms of part 2 character switch to Abby. Sure it's ambitious, but that doesn't make it good. I like stories and movies that are different and unique, but you've got to make it work. For example, from dusk till dawn, weird and ambitious movie, but it absolutely works because of the characters and good directing.

Part 2 is just done badly IMO. Part 1 is very clear, you like Joel and Ellie even at the start when they're so different, and you see their progression, you care about them.

For part 2, it takes you away from Ellie so much you stop caring about her. And with Abby, you hate her less but you certainly don't like or care about her. I honestly think it's just badly organising story with lacking characters. The 2 perspectives could've worked, but I think the story needed more depth anyway.

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