"Beta has become a twisted word": Blizzard responds to Diablo 4 early access feedback

One time, one of the "Orgs" that I was in (i.e. clan/group/etc) was having a 50 person event. We all met up at a specific spaceport, purchased supplies at the store, piled into a few ships together, flew to a planet, literally went to any random spot we chose anywhere on that entire planet, piled out, used one of the ships as a mobile spawn point, used another ship as our "flag" in a giant 25v25 capture the flag event at a random spot on a planet.
While traveling to that location btw, some people had a boxing match inside one of the ships.
Then we all piled back into our ships and flew to an asteroid field literally MILLIONS of kilometers away from anything else, and we did it all again around the biggest asteroid we could find but this time in zero-g.

That's just the "fuck around" part of the game. The ability to exist literally anywhere in that universe at any time is one of the major reasons this game is set apart from others.

It's really hard to fully explain how that aspect of Star Citizen (combined with ship interiors) opens up so much gameplay possibilities, until you start experiencing it.
There is a ship called the 890 Jump that is basically a giant luxury yacht. It's big enough to keep other ships inside it's hangar and has enough sleeping spots for like 12 people I think (assuming all of them went to bed at the same time). If you had enough buddies with similar gaming schedules, you could feasibly all spend your entire gaming time "living" together on that ship for weeks at a time. You could travel in it, fly other ships out of it to go do missions that need a smaller ship, etc.

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