Feels like there are no good deals this year for PC games

Your fault for looking only at boring AAA games from greedy scumbag publishers dring smaller sales. Check out dem indies tho during a big Steam sale like December, you wont regret it.

A lot of the games I purchase are indie games from smaller developers. But the indie games in the categories that I like are usually few and far between. I like zombie, post-apocalyptic. We haven't had many of those lately that I can find that are of high quality. I just tried surroundead, But the game is pretty meager has like 5 hours worth of content. 7 days to die is one of my favorite smaller games but infrequently updated. Just wish we got a few more apocalyptic or zombie indie games but a lot of them are just scammers who copy templates out of unreal or unity and put it on the market.

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