Real Feminist VS Third wave feminist - Christina H. Sommers VS Shanley

However, shortly thereafter it only got worse when Milo stepped into the ring and brought with him some new revelations about a woman that was only up until now spoken of in hushed tones, in order to avoid being her next target, despite how much most of this industry apparently hates her, bringing to light both her recent past with Weev, but also her blatant racism. An endeavor which saw Milo doxxed and the writing of a lengthy manifesto by Shanley, alluding to her apparent mental illness to justify her behavior while also being fast and loose with the passage of time in order to stretch her apparent struggles with the industry well beyond the pale of her years, considering she's in her mid-to-late 20s and acts like she's been at the front lines for decades now.

Ultimately, though, the most baffling thing about all of this is that even the writers apparently disgusted by her behavior wouldn't denounce it, usually finding excuses to avoid doing so. Elizabeth Spiers, Matter's erstwhile author of the would-be puff piece, was even hesistant to call her out and condemn her behavior in the very article recounting Shanley's protracted treatment of her. Since then, many of the other writers to weigh in, especially on the revelations of Shanley's recent past, were equally uninterested in following up and condemning her behavior and instead focusing on the credibility of Weev as a commentator. It ostensibly took until Amelia Greenhall came forward and vetted many of the claims (and even adding that their business relationship with Model View Culture was like being in an abusive relationship and was the main reason that she left) that anyone was willing to believe Milo's article, and even after that people still don't want to denounce her behavior.

If nothing else, it just makes it clear that even the people 'disgusted' by her behavior tacitly approve of it as long as it focuses on the right targets, which reflects many of the things we've learned so far while #GG has trundled along. Milo wasn't credible because of the politics he holds, Weev wasn't credible because he's a criminal, and Shanley makes mistakes because she's only human. Even though her first response to the Weev issue was to allege obviously false and contrived abuse claims against him, which then conflicted when Milo brought forward evidence of her attempts to get back with him, even up to the point in where he was on his way to prison. It's fairly telling of everyone involved.

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