Dem lawmaker says he owes hammers apology after calling DeVos 'dumb as a bag of hammers'

-Had no qualifications to be Secretary of education

Who does? A corrupt union head?

-She wants to use schools to "build gods kingdom"

OMG!!! someone said GOD! Better nuke the earth.

-Has it in for public schools

Public school performance is a disaster and "more money" hasn't helped them for 50 years.

-She had a strong hand in the spread of for profit charter schools in her home state of MI, which saw a strong drop in student performance after her pet policies got enacted

That's called school choice. And if you pull good students out of shit schools, this is simple math.

-Protected for profit colleges that break the law


-Making debt relief harder than ever

Who pays for debt relief? People already responsibly paying debt?

-Dismissed hundreds of civil rights cases

??? Didn't know she was a federal judge. Thought only they could dismiss cases.

-Made it harder for sexual assault victims in college to report

Impossible to address the numerous complexities of this terrible problem in a one line summary.

-Wanted kids back in school during a pandemic

Data shows this is a better option than leaving them at home

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