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I had a fever (not above 100) two Friday’s ago and I was constipated. I recovered within the day and decided to continue going around. My sister came down the flu (not coronavirus), and I figured it was just that.

There were no cases in our county (live in Pennsylvania) and none in any of the surrounding.

Cut to last Tuesday I have to go home from work (I did not interact with the customers, or any other employees) I go home early because I’m feeling dizzy. No fever, but I laid down and slept for hours.

Yesterday I started shivering. I was colder than I had ever been while under five blankets. I fell asleep and woke up with a fever that same night. That was yesterday, and today I’m going through periods of the chills, but that’s my only symptom.

I’m 18, and in my county there are no tests available in my county (fuck you trump). I’ve been self quarantining since yesterday. I’m guessing this is coronavirus, what can I do to get better and keep those around me healthy?

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