Despite testing headphones for a living and always having a few dozen on my desk, I sometimes do buy headphones for my own. This is my private collection. Yes, I now have three 770s and I need all of them.

Hey man, cut that shit out. I'm going to get on my soapbox for a minute.

I was a bright kid, liked building and inventing things, playing with lego, working on motors, etc.

I also have ADHD and suck at math.

How badly?

I took algebra 1... 3 times. And also failed calc and got a D in precalc. I was actually told by my algebra teacher that I "was a simple minded person who would never amount to anything"

Just recently got my masters in electrical engineering. Now I've got a hands on job fixing big fucking lasers.

You can do it if you want it bad enough. You'll do everything the hard way. You'll be learning from mistakes instead of getting it right the first time. You'll stay up late and hate everything. You'll realize your complex differential equations set is wrong because you messed up some simple math somewhere (it's always the algebra. I swear I'm better at quantum mechanics than basic algebra).

But you can fucking take it and push through if you want it badly enough.

Start at basics. College algebra and precalc, don't try to skip straight to the last class you took in high school. It's like recovering from surgery, you don't start off running the hardest part is getting to the point where you can get out of bed.

Also, don't look too far ahead. Learning calc 3 when you know calc 2 is no harder than learning precalc for the first time when you kno algebra. Or learning algebra for the first time when you know arithmetic. Each step is roughly equal (ish. A lot of people find calc 1 to calc 2 to be difficult, but calc 2 to calc 3 is easier for many)

Good luck. Do what you want with your life.

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