Did anyone think their childhood was normal and happy until looking back as an adult?

I'm 34 and only coming to realize in the last couple months that my childhood was not normal.

I'd say the overall theme of my relationship with my parents as a kid was their attitude of "you are not up to our standards so we are going to mentally and physically abuse you until you are" of course it didn't help

I always felt like "I'm not meeting their standards so I totally deserve this" and was jealous of my friends whose parents were totally understanding of their children's faults and saw their mistakes as a learning experiences rather than a "gotcha" moment, it was so perplexing to see my friends living basically the same life as me and be accepted by their parents where mine were not, but I still felt like i must be doing something wrong that my friends weren't.

I think I did know deep down that my childhood wasn't fair, but I thought it was justified because "hey, I'm 12 and I'm not that 12 year old that was on TV for getting early acceptance to Harvard so i could be doing better..."

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